Paul Smith Makes Lomo Camera Fashionable with Fisheye No.2

Paul Smith's Fisheye No.2 Lomo camera is a subtle mixture of two things: The 180-degree bug-eye lens creates distorted images that are even more arty than your usual Lomograph »11/07/08 6:32am11/07/08 6:32am. Plus to the dwindling number of wet-chemistry photography fans (including myself) Lomography is something of a fashion-statement all of its…

Ball-And-Socket Lensbaby Composer Adds to Distorting Bendy-Lens Line

Lensbaby has just revamped its line of creative bendable "distorting" lenses at Photokina, and added a new type. This new Composer disposes with the bellows bend/focus system of earlier Lensbabies and has ball-and socket twisting with a focusing ring at the front to let you select the in-focus sweet-spot in your… »9/23/08 4:18am9/23/08 4:18am

Audio Engineer Claims that Metallica's Latest Album Sounds Better on Guitar Hero III

Mastering Engineer Ian Shepherd »9/17/08 6:40pm9/17/08 6:40pm is among those who believe that the distortion Metallica fans have been complaining about since the release of is not present in the . As he notes: "In comparison, the released CD version is - to coin a technical phrase - smashed to f**k." So who or what is to blame here? Shepherd…