Anti-Spam Turing Test Is Really Global Human-Powered OCR System

You know the test you have to take on Digg or Facebook, the one that proves you're a human? You see a hard-to-read word or string of gibberish, and you type in the correct characters. Carnegie Mellon researchers decided to replace randomly generated words with actual words from ancient manuscripts, words that machines… » 10/02/07 9:25am 10/02/07 9:25am

The Man Wants Your PS3

We all know that you can get a nice warm fuzzy feeling inside by contributing your PS3's idle time to processing sh'loads of Alzheimer's research data. Apparently, Stanford's Folding@home is generating so many teraflops of good buzz, Big Corporate wants in. Masa Chatani, chief technology officer at Sony Computer… » 4/12/07 11:35am 4/12/07 11:35am