Download Slacker Uprising, First Free Full Feature Film on the Web

With only a few weeks to go until Election Day, director/showman/clown—strike out words depending on your political preferences—Michael Moore's Slacker Uprising is now available on the internet. Created to promote voting among young people, Moore is saying that this is the first full-feature film to be released for… »9/24/08 9:45am9/24/08 9:45am

Sony Looking Toward Music and Movie Distribution on PS Network to Revive Flagging PS3 Sales

In a move that reiterates the fact that Sony is putting the PlayStation 3's media capabilities first and its gaming capabilities fourth, they're working on a plan to distribute music and video through their PlayStation Network. In order to boost sagging sales of the console, they want to compete more directly with… »10/16/07 2:02pm10/16/07 2:02pm