Mödek's DJ Table Will Have the Laydeez Requesting Even More Beyonce

So you've got your decks, your MacBook and a few CDJs, but they're sat on a couple of beer crates—or a desk from IKEA, if you're lucky. $1,300 is a sound investment for your DJ skillz, surely? » 9/20/10 7:20pm 9/20/10 7:20pm

Stanton DaScratch SCS.3D DJ Pad Is All Touch Sensitive, Combines Mixer…

Stanton's new DaScratch USB-MIDI Tool is unique because it relies completely on touch technology to mix and manipulate music. With the possibility for 5 touch sensitive sliders, 19 touch sensitive buttons, and one giant, touch friendly rotary control (read: the big record-like circle in the middle), it appears you can… » 9/19/08 8:59pm 9/19/08 8:59pm

Cool Ad: The Street is His Turntable

Here's an ad for DJ equipment maker Eclectic Breaks for its Pro-X-Fade crossfader. It's a clever animation that has a pencil-armed DJ manipulating a miniature world from his god-like perch, spinning cars as if they were vinyl, with the street being his turntable and passers-by standing in as the crossover. » 10/19/06 10:02am 10/19/06 10:02am