The Keytar Has a Spiritual Successor and Its Name Is the Turntabletar

The not-so-cleverly-named turntabletar is something that should never be used IRL. Still, there's no denying its novelty. Two midi turntable controllers have been melded with a mixer and strapped to something resembling a guitar neck. But instead of fret bars and strings, the neck has a crossfader, which, of course,… »5/21/11 9:00am5/21/11 9:00am

A-Trak On How the 21st Century DJ Builds His Music Collection

In a recent sit-down with NPR, turntable prodigy and longtime Kanye West collaborator DJ A-Trak gave an overview of Serato, a piece of software that lets DJs spin MP3s and other digital files with an old-school turntable setup. The software, he explains, offers a compromise between the convenience of digital files and… »3/04/11 5:00pm3/04/11 5:00pm