Toshiba's Internet Connected DVD Download DL Seems Like a Bad Idea

Either Toshiba is still stinging from the HD DVD loss to Blu-ray, or they're really in need of some fast cash from the really low barrier of entry DVD market. Either way, it seems like the Japanese company is going to introduce an internet-connected DVD line called "DVD Download DL", using the nets to bring next-gen… » 7/01/08 8:20pm 7/01/08 8:20pm

Sony Announces External DVD-RAM Burner

Show your chutzpah by using this Sony DRX-820UL DVD burner to "back up" one of Sony BMG's DRM enabled CDs at 48x. Then "back up" one of Sony Pictures' DVDs onto DVD+R DL at 8x or DVD-R DL at 6x. Finally, "back up" a Sony Playstation 2 DVD onto DVD+R or DVD-R at 16x. » 5/17/06 8:21am 5/17/06 8:21am