From Rumorware to Bandwagonware: Here Come the MacBook Air Accessories

It starts with a case: This week, after one company preemptively announced a sexy MacBook Air sleeve before the Jobsnote, others have followed suit. Not only is there a real Manila folder case in the works, but others, from WaterField to Belkin, are launching their own lineups. Here are Belkin's first hasty… »1/18/08 12:00pm1/18/08 12:00pm

Action Jacket Armband For iPhone Lets You Jog And Rock

DLO's Action Jacket armband for the iPhone is perfect for the guy who likes to take his iPhone jogging with him (namely, me). The iPhone may be slightly heavier than a nano, not to mention many times more expensive, but can your nano make calls? What if you're waiting for an important call from your lawyer telling you… »12/14/07 3:50pm12/14/07 3:50pm

DLO TransDock Deluxe Keeps You From Crashing Your Car

There's been little innovation in the car iPod dock space lately, so that's why DLO's TransDock Deluxe caught us by surprise. Sure, its individual components—a steering wheel mounted remote, an FM tuner, an iPod mount, an AV-out port, an Aux-in port and a USB charging port—can be found elsewhere, but this is the first… »5/24/07 3:00pm5/24/07 3:00pm

DLO HomeDock Remote Means More Things To Do With Your Hand

DLO is taking a page from Sonos and Logitech by introducing HomeDock Remote, a $129.99 nano-styled remote with a display, giving you full control of the iPod. Your iPod sits in a cradle over by the sound system, while you and your little remote go wandering. More details, images and a photo depicting the kind of joy… »5/16/07 12:20pm5/16/07 12:20pm

Philips Buying DLO, Thinks iPod Accessories are Wave of the Future

Philips, always on the bleeding edge of the consumer electronics industry, has decided to buy DLO, makers of all sorts of iPod accessories. Do you think iPod accessories will be popular? Philips is like the Nostradamus of gadgets, so I bet this means that this sector is really going to take off, although it might take… »4/13/07 12:10pm4/13/07 12:10pm