Dealzmodo: Samsung 67" DLP (LED) HDTV for $1800 This Sunday

The folks at HD Guru are reporting that Samsung will be deeply slashing prices on their 2008 line big-screen DLP HDTVs starting this Sunday. We're talking discounts of up to $600 (maybe even more if purchased with an online discount). That puts the 67" (HL67A750) 1080p LED-lit DLP at $1800 after the $600 price cut.… »11/20/08 3:20pm11/20/08 3:20pm

Japanese Apple Stores to Sell Optoma Picoprojector in December For $500

Way back in June »11/11/08 5:54am11/11/08 5:54am Optoma promised to release its picoprojector this year, and now there's news that indeed it will. Still reportedly the world's smallest and lightest, it'll go on sale December 1st in Japan at the Apple store, of all places. In case you've forgotten the DLP device is just 0.67 x 2 x 4.1-inches and can…

New Laser Cinema Projectors Offer Superior Picture Quality, Increased Pew Pew Factor

The Economist »11/05/08 11:05pm11/05/08 11:05pm has a great piece about researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences have developed a digital cinema projector that uses lasers as the main display technology. In doing so, these projectors are able to display a staggering 80 percent of the color range visible to the human eye. Previously, the 60…

NLighten IT7202 72-inch Touchscreen HDTVs Put Google Earth At Your Fingertips

Rear-projection may be deader than dead »9/04/08 2:20pm9/04/08 2:20pm as far as the biggies are concerned, but the folks at nLighten are intent to squeeze a bit more life out of these 72-inch 1080p DLP sets by sticking an infrared camera inside next to the light source that detects cursor points from an IR-tipped pen, allowing for a simple (no…

Chi Lin's Liquid-Cooled LED Projector Has 6-Year Lamp Life, Expertly Renders Rich Blackness of David Hasselhoff's Eyes

Taiwanese OEM Chi Lin is claiming the world's first liquid-cooled, LED-lit 1080p projector here at CEDIA using TI's latest DLP chipset. The liquid-cooled RGB LED light source is rated at 50,000 hours-5.7 years of continuous runtime-and spits out 128% of NTSC's color set and a 100,000:1 contrast ratio at sizes up to… »9/04/08 1:38pm9/04/08 1:38pm

"HD for Kids!" Coloring Book: Now You Really Have to Stay Inside the Lines

This great "HD for Kids!" coloring book by Non-Toxic Reviews teaches tykes all about the joys—and pitfalls—of High-Def TV through activities like tracing burn-in on a plasma screen and the borderline-autistic "draw 1,080 dots inside this HDTV". The book is too funny not to be a little tongue-in-cheek, but the lessons… »6/19/08 7:29pm6/19/08 7:29pm