Hyundai's Slim Bad-Ass Provia A7 GPS Has Gaming, "Navi-In-Picture" TV

The Provia A7, developed by Hyundai Telematics, is even more souped-up than its predecessor, the horny-making A1. It starts with a slim 7" 800 x 480 LCD, adds an animated touch interface, then packs in navigation, simultaneous reception of T-DMB TV and TPEG traffic and other data, a removable battery and a freakin'… »2/05/08 8:00pm2/05/08 8:00pm

Cowon N3 PMP has 7-inch Screen, GPS, DivX/XviD Support

As dapreview points out, this just-announced Cowon N3 looks quite like the Cowon Q5W we reviewed a few weeks ago. The most noticeable difference comes from the fact that this has a 7-inch screen as opposed to the Q5's 5-incher. Other than that, there's no internal memory—you have to use one of two SDHC slots to add… »12/27/07 3:20pm12/27/07 3:20pm

LG's KC1 Smartphone has 4G WiMax/WiBro, Mobile TV, Lots of A/V

If you need another reminder of how far ahead Korea is in the cellphone space compared to us, here's the LG KC1. It's got WiBro support, which is 4G and lets the phone get Wi-Fi speeds pretty much anywhere. The fast speeds allow the phone to do stuff like remote PC control, streaming videos, video calls and other… »8/02/07 3:50pm8/02/07 3:50pm

iRiver M10 and D5 Players Bring Glossy Black Back in Fashion

Set to be revealed at SEK in Korea, the iRiver M10 and D5 both have a glossy black look found in other players like the iRiver Clix 2 (but not in the MPlayer). The M10 will be a navigation-centric device, with a gigantic knob on the right and a DMB tuner, which probably means it's going to stay put in Korean waters… »6/14/07 2:30pm6/14/07 2:30pm

Pantech IM-R110 Cellphone: Swivel Display, Multimedia Galore

Time to contact your local Korean import guy, since the Pantech IM-R110 is just about ready to see the light of day. It's a cellphone with one of those newfangled "t" screens that pivots on command. The cellphone also works as a portable media player (one that can accept DMB broadcasts, no less) but the camera is only… »12/04/06 9:43am12/04/06 9:43am

Samsung Reveals SCH-B590 to the World, World's Thinnest DMB-Capabale Cellphone?

Samsung just took the curtain off its latest DMB cellphone, the SCH-B590, which is supposedly the world's thinnest DMB cellphone. Besides giving rise to the question How thin is too thin?, the cellphone has all the makings of being lost in the shuffle with the myriad other DMB cellphones out there, "there" being… »9/05/06 3:21pm9/05/06 3:21pm