Watch a Rapper Hilariously Use Google for the First Time

DMX, a rapper I loved so much growing up that I had a poster of him in my room, is an interesting character. He's been hugely successful even though he's really hard to understand. He raps when he speaks. He growls. He's intimidating. He's also, apparently, never ever used Google on a computer before. Watch him use it… »9/19/12 10:00pm9/19/12 10:00pm

Sony DMX-WL1, DMX-DVD and DMX-SW1 Link Modules Shoot Content Wirelessly To Your BRAVIA HDTV

The DMX-WL1, DMX-DVD and DMX-SW1 link modules from Sony hook up to their BRAVIA TVs to provide wireless streaming of HD video from anywhere up to 65 feet away. The DMX-WL1 is a two-piece system that has five HD sources (four HDMI and one component) that's $800 in October. The DMX-DVD is an upscaling 1080p DVD player… »9/23/08 8:40pm9/23/08 8:40pm