How to Get Movies, Music, and More From Your Mobile Device to Your TV

There's not much your phone or tablet can't do these days, beyond maybe displaying their troves of mobile content on a screen larger than 10 inches. But that's what televisions are for. And, with one of these five methods, you'll be able to seamlessly throw music and movies from your little screen to your big screen. » 7/27/13 12:00pm 7/27/13 12:00pm

Buffalo's New NAS RAID-5 Box is iPhone Compatible Too

Buffalo has come up a new network accessible storage system which not only hangs onto up to 4TB of your files but is also Time Machine and iPhone compatible. OK, so this last bit is over a dedicated web access system and the phone can't save » 9/03/08 4:27am 9/03/08 4:27am the files, but it can view the contents of music, photo and video files. The…