How to Make Sure No One Bothers You in a Computer Lab

You have a lot of work to do. You're on a deadline. You're stressing out because people are constantly dropping by your desk saying hi, how you're doing because you're in a computer lab. You need to block everybody out. What do you do? Slap on some headphones and tape this sign onto your back. That should do the… » 4/08/13 9:00pm 4/08/13 9:00pm

iOS 6 Might Get a Do Not Disturb Feature That Stops Annoying Notifications from Taking Over Your Phone

With WWDC around the corner, iOS 6 rumors are coming in waves. 9to5Mac is reporting that iOS 6 will have a super useful 'Do Not Disturb' feature, iCloud Tabs and Mail VIPs. Do Not Disturb looks especially useful, as it would be able to hide all alerts and banners from taking over your phone while you're playing a game… » 6/04/12 10:25am 6/04/12 10:25am