New Versions of Google Chrome Will Finally Let You Say You Don't Want Advertisers Spying On You

If you're paranoid about ad networks tracking your behavior and compiling a file on your tastes somewhere, there's good news. Google Chrome's developer build finally got built-in Do Not Track functionality, meaning Chrome will finally join the club with Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. »9/14/12 2:39pm9/14/12 2:39pm


Future Versions of Safari Will Prevent Ad Networks From Tracking Your Browsing Habits

If you find hyper-targeted web ads to be really, really creepy like I do, you'll be happy to know that the OS X Lion version of Safari will follow the lead of Firefox by preventing online ad-networks from being able to track your browsing history. That means no more dating sites advertising your future soulmate who… »4/14/11 4:14pm4/14/11 4:14pm