So You Think You're a Thief? Just Try and Steal This $15,000 Banksy Piece

The video above is your only clue. Your mission, if you choose to accept it: find this signed and authenticated print of Banksy's "No Ball Games" within the next 30 days at one of the Art Series hotel chains—snatch it without getting nabbed and it's yours to keep. The piece is stashed somewhere in the Melbourne area… »12/13/11 11:20pm12/13/11 11:20pm

Japanese Avatar Software Replaces Your Hair, Gives You Facepaint in Real Time

This is real-time "avatar" software from Japan that takes video of a person and automagically gives them a new hairstyle, makeup or outfit. It's really incredible how well it works in real time, and you can imagine this tech being used everywhere from hair salons to clothing stores to online gaming. I want to know… »12/26/07 1:30pm12/26/07 1:30pm

Awesome Configurable Dual-Monitor Setup Lets You Place Your Screens However You Want

Now here's how you rock dual monitors. This dual monitor setup from Korea is totally adaptable, able to be twisted and turned into any number of configurations. That's a dual 15-incher setup, but there's also a 17-inch model due shortly as well. Oh man, do I ever want one of those. Let's bring these Stateside, Korea.… »12/05/07 2:45pm12/05/07 2:45pm