Your iPhone 5 May Not Get Compatible Accessories Until at Least…

Apple's new dock connector is basically a big old screw job. Sure, it helps make your phone slimmer, and sleeker by saving space. Great, but Apple also wants to charge you $30 for a 30-pin adapter, and it's installed a special chip to make it hard for unauthorized OEMs to produce accessories. As if that weren't bad… » 10/03/12 1:23pm 10/03/12 1:23pm

How Many iPhone 5 Cable Adapters Will You Buy?

Are you planning to get an iPhone 5? Do you have charge stations set up all over your home, car, and office? If you want to keep your setup intact, you're gonna have to get some of those $30 adapters (or buy new cables altogether). So how many 30-pin-to-Lightning adapters are you going to have to snatch up to maintain… » 9/14/12 5:20pm 9/14/12 5:20pm

More Rumored iPad Mini and iPhone 5 Parts Leak

With the expected announcement of the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini just under a month away now, rumored parts and pieces of the upcoming devices are flying in from everywhere. The latest? New photos that claim to show the new, smaller dock connector and bottom headphone jack in the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini. » 8/17/12 11:00pm 8/17/12 11:00pm

Too Bad These Stylish iPhone Cables Are About To Be Obsolete

Standard iPhone charging cables are pretty boring, and they're practically begging to get covered in a layer of gray grime. These snazzy cables are much more fun, it's just too bad they're going to be outdated so soon. » 8/10/12 3:20pm 8/10/12 3:20pm

Will Apple Update Its Entire iOS Lineup This Fall?

At this point, Apple is widely expected to swap out the iPhone's longstanding 30-pin dock connector with something a lot smaller. But what about the rest of Apple's iOS product lineup? Hell, what about the iPod nano? According to iMore, all of Apple's iOS products will get updated to include the new dock adapter. » 8/06/12 1:20pm 8/06/12 1:20pm

Apple's Infuriating Hardware Changes Are For Your Own Good

If Apple switches from a 30-pin dock connector to a smaller 19-pin design, as a story by Reuters reports, iPhones and iPads will have a new standard port. This is certain to frustrate some people—namely the huge market base that has purchased billions of dollars worth of licensed chargers and docks. But it has to… » 7/23/12 2:00pm 7/23/12 2:00pm

Death to the Dock Connector Is Imminent, Suggests Apple Job Opening

Apple has posted on their jobs pages a job opening at Cupertino for a Connector Design Engineer, which only strengthens the growing speculation that the 30-prong dock connector we've all grown accustomed to is on its way out the door. » 5/30/12 6:30pm 5/30/12 6:30pm

BluePod: Caller ID on Your iPod Screen, Not Much Else

Zenocom rolled out BluePod, a dongle that fits the iPod dock connector and suddenly gives you a couple of things every iPod is lacking: Bluetooth capability and FM radio. But don't get too excited just yet. The device stops short of greatness, because all it can do is display a Bluetooth-compatible cellphone's caller… » 9/08/06 9:35am 9/08/06 9:35am