iLuv Wing Takes Flight Alongside Cleavage of Comely Model

That busty iLuv model appears once again today, this time showing off another docking station. This iLuv Wing has a graceful design resembling an uplifted pair of ... wings. It pumps out 20 watts' worth of sound, and is pictured here with a Samsung Yep T9 player, but it's also just as willing to couple with an iPod.… »6/22/07 1:15pm6/22/07 1:15pm


LEGO Star Wars Space Port: That's a Lot of Free Time

Just in time for the 30th anniversary, someone conjured up one sweet rendition of a Star Wars-style space port via LEGO, complete with the Millennium Falcon, AT-AT walkers, and an Imperial Shuttle. The only thing it's missing is a Slave I model, because you can't have the Falcon without Boba Fett close behind. »5/27/07 11:30am5/27/07 11:30am