Yep, Of Course There's an iPad Paper Towel Holder Dock

CTA Digital always brings its A-game to CES, and this year is no different. In addition to the company's potty training iPad dock and its iPad toilet paper stand comes this must-have addition to any kitchen. It's a paper towel holder, it's an iPad holder, it's everything you've ever dreamed of. Thirty bucks secures… »1/07/14 2:00pm1/07/14 2:00pm

The World's Most Obscene iPhone Dock Is Bigger Than a Pony

With 28 speakers blasting around 125 watts, the original Wall of Sound made for an obnoxious home stereo system—let alone an iPod dock. But its creators have returned with a bigger and better solution: the Wall of Sound 2.0 that adds an extra 16 speakers, bringing the total to 44 (in addition to a pair of subs) for… »11/06/13 9:20am11/06/13 9:20am

This Lightning Dock Lets You Dial in a Perfect Fit For iPads in Cases

Dropping an iPad onto a dock is not only an easy way to keep its battery charged, it also props it up so it's not laying sprawled across your desk wasting valuable real estate. And where as most docks can only accommodate an iPad going au naturel, Belkin's new Express Dock features a dial 'round back so the Lightning… »10/01/13 4:20pm10/01/13 4:20pm

These Clever Docks Turn Your iPhone's Flash Into a Bedside Lamp

By now our smartphones have become a constant bedside companion for most of us. But Shay Alkalay and Yael Mer over at the London-based Raw Edges Design Studio have come up with a way to make them more than just an alarm clock replacement. They've created a series of very clever concept docks that turn your… »9/23/13 4:20pm9/23/13 4:20pm

Cellphone Dock Ignition Lock Keeps Your Kid from Texting and Driving and Wrapping the Family Car Around a Tree

If you absolutely can't trust your kid to avoid texting while he's driving the family car, the ORIGOsafe provides a brute-force way to keep them focused on the road. It's a smartphone dock that prevents a vehicle from actually starting until a phone is inserted, ensuring the distraction remains out of sight. »3/18/13 9:06am3/18/13 9:06am

Dining Alone on Ramen Is a Little Less Depressing With a Smartphone Dock Bowl

Embraced by cash-strapped college students and young professionals struggling to scratch a living out of this cruel world, Ramen noodles have gotten a bad rap as being a depressing last resort option for a cheap and lonely meal. But that reputation could easily be undone with this brilliant Anti-loneliness bowl that… »1/21/13 12:20pm1/21/13 12:20pm

JBL OnBeat Rumble: The Most Powerful (and Most Expensive) Lightning Connector Speaker Dock Yet

We get it. You love your iPhone 5 so much that you're willing shrug off the money you lost on the two-year-old, 30-pin speaker dock that's now obsolete. You're ready to invest in an 8-pin dock because Apple wouldn't dare change its proprietary standard again. Right? RIGHT? Don't worry, this burly burnt orange speaker… »1/04/13 8:00am1/04/13 8:00am

This Dock Swallows Your iPhone So You're Less Tempted to Use it at Night

What little sleep we actually get these days should ideally be as distraction-free as possible. And that's what inspired Douglas Wood to design the 夜間night* charging dock that not only hides your iPhone inside, but also annoys you whenever a notification pops up—encouraging you to just turn it off. »6/02/12 8:00pm6/02/12 8:00pm