DoCoMo DLP Phone Projects TV, Makes Butt Look Big

The NTT DoCoMo prototype phone shown in the video above has an embedded DLP projector, presumably using an LED light source in order to project a respectable 20- to 25-in. video image on the wall a few feet away. The downside, as you can hear from the dude asking questions (AOL Switched's Tom Samiljan if I'm not… » 10/03/08 8:40pm 10/03/08 8:40pm

Fujitsu Concept Phone Can Be Pulled Apart, Reconfigured

Proving that Japan always has the coolest concept phones, this Fujitsu device shown at CEATEC lets you separate your screen and touchscreen keypad in whatever configuration you like. Both parts can be used separately or stuck together by magnets, and where you stick the screen on the keypad determines what the… » 9/30/08 3:00am 9/30/08 3:00am

Super 3G Successfully Tested (at 250Mbps)

NTT DoCoMo has just announced that they've successfully field tested a Super 3G wireless network that reached downlink speeds of 250Mbps (the technology's theoretical maximums are a 300Mbps downlink and a 75Mbps uplink, so 250 down ain't too bad). Unfortunately, given that DoCoMo doesn't plan on having the technology… » 3/26/08 10:02am 3/26/08 10:02am

DoCoMo's Child-Friendly 3G Phone Comes With RC Bracelet

DoCoMo, purveyor of multi-colored phones to Pantone fans in Japan has come up with a 3G phone aimed at kids. As well as having many safety features and a keyboard designed for small fingers, the F801i, which goes on sale in Japan December 20, comes with a bright yellow "amulet." Not to ward off evil phone spirits, but… » 12/10/07 8:15am 12/10/07 8:15am

DocoMo Shows off a Halitosis- and Fat-Detecting Concept Cell

The Wellness phone is about as mean as you can get. A concept that DoCoMo has been only too happy to show off at CEATEC this week, the cell measures how bad your breath is on a scale of 1 to 10 — zero presumably means you're dead — and how overweight you are. There are other health-related features as well, such as a… » 10/03/07 7:28am 10/03/07 7:28am

Wiimote-like Motion Sensitive Phones Make no Sense Whatsoever

So the story goes as follows: Nintendo releases DS. DS becomes instant bestseller. Touchy-screen dual number becomes next game fetish. NTT DoCoMo and Mitsubishi think it may be a good idea, announce DS-like phone. Big N releases Wii; becomes instant bestseller. Wiimote becomes next game fetish device. Same suspects… » 4/23/07 3:20pm 4/23/07 3:20pm

Docomo Cellphones Now Have Touchscreen, Scented Parts

Japan's Docomo just showed off several new cellphones, one of which operates like a Nintendo DS and one that includes special scented sheets, almost like Smell-O-Vision. The clamshell D800iDS has two touch-sensitive screens; there's no traditional keypad. Users operate the cellphone with either their fingers or a… » 1/16/07 9:51am 1/16/07 9:51am

Touching Dozens of Beautiful Japanese Cellphones

I'm in Tokyo, and I've been avoiding gadgets. After all, I'm supposed to be on vacation. But today Lisa took me to Akiba, and I ended up running through a dozen stores, groping over 50 handsets. I've written about some, like the incredibly simple Wilcom R9, glowing Sony Ericsson w43s and walkman-like w42s. But… » 12/28/06 11:39am 12/28/06 11:39am