DoCoMo's Child-Friendly 3G Phone Comes With RC Bracelet

DoCoMo, purveyor of multi-colored phones to Pantone fans in Japan has come up with a 3G phone aimed at kids. As well as having many safety features and a keyboard designed for small fingers, the F801i, which goes on sale in Japan December 20, comes with a bright yellow "amulet." Not to ward off evil phone spirits, but… »12/10/07 8:15am12/10/07 8:15am

DocoMo Shows off a Halitosis- and Fat-Detecting Concept Cell

The Wellness phone is about as mean as you can get. A concept that DoCoMo has been only too happy to show off at CEATEC this week, the cell measures how bad your breath is on a scale of 1 to 10 — zero presumably means you're dead — and how overweight you are. There are other health-related features as well, such as a… »10/03/07 7:28am10/03/07 7:28am

Wiimote-like Motion Sensitive Phones Make no Sense Whatsoever

So the story goes as follows: Nintendo releases DS. DS becomes instant bestseller. Touchy-screen dual number becomes next game fetish. NTT DoCoMo and Mitsubishi think it may be a good idea, announce DS-like phone. Big N releases Wii; becomes instant bestseller. Wiimote becomes next game fetish device. Same suspects… »4/23/07 3:20pm4/23/07 3:20pm