Thirsty Light: The Cheap Nerd's Way to Keep Plants Alive

In the tradition of Dr. Frog and Botanicalls comes Thirsty Light, a $10 sensor that sits in your potted plant and blinks when the soil goes dry. You get to trade all that anxiety for a straightforward Pavlovian response: you see a blinky light, and you water your plant. Alternatively, there's a "quick-check" method:… » 11/19/07 8:30pm 11/19/07 8:30pm

Dr. Frog Reminds You to Water Plants, Plays One on TV

If your plants always look like they came out of the jungle where Predator and Governor Schwarzenegger did battle, invest in Doctor Frog. He's an accredited Ph.D. in plantology, and uses what's left of the lower half of his body—he was in a horrific golf cart accident—to detect the conductivity of your soil. » 5/17/07 4:50pm 5/17/07 4:50pm