Military Arming Shadow Drones, Could Give Novice Teen Pilots the Power…

Today, only seasoned, rated pilots are allowed to step behind the controls » 10/10/08 4:50pm 10/10/08 4:50pm of an armed Predator or Reaper drone. However, the Defense Department is planning to change all that by fitting their low-flying Shadow counterparts with precision weapons. Currently Shadow drones function primarily as an intelligence…

Joint Strike Fighter Technology May Have Been Compromised...Whoops!

It appears that the geniuses at the Defense Department have been asleep at the wheel of their new Joint Strike Fighter program, leading some to believe that its super valuable aviation and weapons technology may have been compromised. The crux of the problem involves the fact that the Pentagon's Defense Security… » 5/01/08 7:00pm 5/01/08 7:00pm

Uncle Sam Wants You To Build Him a Battery Suit

The Department of Defense office of Research Engineering is putting up $1,000,000 for the team that can come up with the best battery suit for "dismounted warfighters." These days, in order to complete a four-day mission, soldiers need to pack 20 lbs of batteries to power up all their assorted electronics (which also… » 7/06/07 11:00am 7/06/07 11:00am

I O Data External HDD: Able to Withstand Nuclear Attack, Hulk Smash

The is latest line of external hard drives from I O Data. These drives are built for durability. They even comply with Department of Defense standards. The drives can resist up to 220 pounds of pressure. Sure, they may prevent Hulk from smashing your drive—rendering your hentai collection useless—but who is to say he… » 7/24/06 11:08am 7/24/06 11:08am