100-year-old people give you the best advice you will ever get

It may just be a Dodge ad celebrating 100 years of the company but, when 106-year-old Ethel Preston and her cronies look you in the eye and say you should do whatever the hell you want to do, you can tell they really mean it. Life is too damn short, even when you get to be one hundred years old. "Be a bad boy!" Indeed… » 4/24/14 8:19pm 4/24/14 8:19pm

Ex-MS Employee Has the World's Fastest Ethanol-Based Car

Karl Jacob, an ex-Microsoft employee, has the world's fastest ethanol-based car. He took his run-of-the-mill Dodge Viper and had it converted from a regular gas guzzling monster to an ethanol chugger. While Jacob didn't drive the car himself, a driver from Super Viper hit 218 mph in July, a top speed record for an… » 9/12/07 3:40pm 9/12/07 3:40pm

Dodge Charger SRT8 Gadget Review, Plus Smokey Burnouts

Gizmodo and our auto-obsessed brother blog Jalopnik, are again working hard in our joint effort to keep you at the bleeding edge intersection of cars and technology. Jalopnik's taken the 2006 Dodge Charger SRT8 for a spin—and although they claim wthat even if it didn't have a single gadget goody in it, it'd still be… » 9/05/06 3:26pm 9/05/06 3:26pm