Watch an Interactive 360-Degree Video of a World Record Dodgeball Game

It took more than 2000 University of Alberta students, staff, and alumni to set the Guinness World Record for the biggest dodgeball game, but they did it. Don't believe me? See for yourself in this interactive 360-degree panoramic video of the event. NO HEADSHOTS! [Edmonton Journal via Nick Bilton] » 2/10/11 5:40pm 2/10/11 5:40pm

Tiptoeing Through the Web 1.0 Graveyard

Sure, you remember Dodgeball. But how about Kozmo? SixDegrees? They don't have much in common except for two things: they're dead websites, and they'd still be kicking if they'd just timed things better. » 7/21/10 10:40am 7/21/10 10:40am

Foursquare Brings Xbox-360-Style Achievements to Barhopping

I like going out to bars and everything, but I think I'd like it more if I could nerdily acquire fake trophies and points while doing so. Finally, my dream has become a reality with Foursquare. » 3/13/09 3:16pm 3/13/09 3:16pm