Only six of today's baseball stadiums were built before 1989

Today is opening day for most of major league baseball, a sport that's imbued with tradition. But this game outfitted with old-timey pinstripes and vintage Cracker Jack packaging is enjoyed in mostly contemporary spaces: 23 out of 30 teams play in stadiums that were built after 1990. »4/06/15 4:59pm4/06/15 4:59pm


It Took 19 Huge Earthmovers To Carve Dodger Stadium Out of a Mountain

Many of us non-Angelenos think of L.A. as a fairly flat place, but it's taken serious manpower to build this sprawling city on such rugged terrain. Among the more Sisyphean projects was the construction of Dodger Stadium—which, as Southland shows us today, required 19 earthmovers to excavate eight million cubic yards… »5/06/14 5:41pm5/06/14 5:41pm

Tour 3 Unrealized Projects That Almost Gave Us A Very Different L.A.

It would appear that, as a country, we're experiencing some serious regret (or relief?) in examining plans for our cities that never came to fruition. San Francisco looked at its Unbuilt SF, a similar show opened in Washington D.C.last year, and out here in L.A.—the land of broken promises and shattered dreams—there's »10/14/13 5:59pm10/14/13 5:59pm