$380K Dog Mansion Doesn't Feel Bite Of Economic Recession

It's nice to know that even as most of us scramble to keep our jobs and pay off our massive credit card debts, there are others out there who can still afford to give the very best to those they love most—their dogs. A Great Dane owner in the U.K. recently spent roughly $380,000 to outfit her dog house with essential… » 11/27/08 2:00am 11/27/08 2:00am

Pet Pavillion: Luxury Pet House Or Doggie Death Chamber?

It may look like a pet microwave, but the Pet Pavilion is actually a luxury pet house designed to pamper your pooch and keep it healthy. As you might suspect, this device is loaded with features that surpass the living conditions of most humans—never mind your average pet. Features include: PC-based incubation process… » 4/28/08 7:30pm 4/28/08 7:30pm

Oxygen Dog House: An O2 Buzz for You and Your Pooch

We have heard about the potential health benefits of inhaling pure oxygen since the 90's—but in Japan this fad is still going strong. In fact, they are getting their dogs involved with products like this new O2 Doghouse. Marketed as a "dog hospital" of sorts, the O2 Doghouse will deliver 100% pure oxygen to your sick… » 3/28/08 8:30pm 3/28/08 8:30pm