The Relative Screen Resolutions of Your Favorite Devices in One Chart

The display on your phone is relatively tiny. But in pixels, it's friggin' huge. That's the beauty of high resolution. So how would that phone screen compare to your TV, or your tablet or your laptop if it was spread out to a similarly-sized screen? Doghouse Diaries made this graphic to show you, and it's kind of nuts. » 10/30/13 4:45pm 10/30/13 4:45pm

More Popular Idioms Translated to Make Sense with Today's Technology

When's the last time you put all your eggs in one basket? Probably never. But! When's the last time you put all your data in one hard drive? Probably right now (you gotta learn better backup habits). And though we know that practice makes perfect and that patience is a virtue, what actually applies to real life is… » 8/21/13 10:00pm 8/21/13 10:00pm

Popular Idioms Translated to Actually Make Sense Today

When we tell the future children of the world that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, they'll stare at their iPad and wonder what the hell a book is. Does that old fart mean an app? When we tell them to scratch our back and we'll scratch theirs, they'll wonder why are we even talking to each other in IRL. And… » 7/29/13 11:33pm 7/29/13 11:33pm

The Only Safe Place in GChat Is Invisible

Come on, already. You know that fancy away message isn't going to protect you. You can sass it up with as much urgency and/or bile as you want, but the yo-yos are still going to come knocking. And you know what? It's your own fault for not doing an Invisible ninja vanish when you had the chance. [The Doghouse Diaries] » 8/17/11 9:20am 8/17/11 9:20am