Ridiculous: A Loose Cable Caused Those 'Faster-Than-Light' Particles

We know that Einstein always has the last laugh, but this is hilarious: the faster-than-light particles that could have wrecked his relativity theory are no more. It was a mistake in the test results caused by a loose cable. » 2/22/12 3:30pm 2/22/12 3:30pm

Intel CEO: Atom Platform Something "Most of Us Wouldn't Use"

In a quarterly conference call today, Intel CEO Paul Otellini dropped the aforementioned diss of the low-cost, low-power 45nm Atom chipset that can be found in a few current and many future netbooks, redirecting attention to the just-updated Centrino 2 and somehow-still-alive Celeron platforms as more viable for most… » 7/17/08 3:35pm 7/17/08 3:35pm

103-inch Panasonic Plasma Smashed At Trade Show

A forklift accident, rather than a publicity stunt by Sharp or some other big-n-flat competitor, was the cause of death for Panasonic's 103-inch plasma pride and joy. The rumor floated a few weeks ago, but the Gizmodo team in Australia was able to confirm the CeBit Sydney mishap. Not, it wasn't the first plasma to… » 5/30/07 1:20pm 5/30/07 1:20pm

Unlike TV Counterpart, Homer Fridge Magnet Says Just One Funny Thing

And that is "Hey Buddy, mind if I lick that cap?" It's just over 10 inches tall, costs around $50 and it does what all useful fridge magnets should do - namely crack open a cold one with the minimum of fuss. Actually, I'll give it another one. "Hey, excuse me, but I've noticed that you've fallen behind with your… » 3/23/07 9:26am 3/23/07 9:26am