Dolby Volume: Solving the Problem of Annoyingly Loud TV Content

Toshiba TVs (in Japan) will be the first to feature good old Dubbly's newest technology, Dolby Volume, a smart system aimed at leveling off eardrum-shattering sources and content—hopefully eradicating the twin evils of loud-ass TV commercials and poorly-mastered MP3s. Here's how it works: » 4/30/08 9:13am 4/30/08 9:13am

Dolby Volume Nixes Loud Commercials

Dolby's Volume technology (capital V) is designed to be added to TVs, DVDs, and other equipment in order to normalize volumes when watching TV. Instead of being bombarded by loud ads—purposely introduced by ad makers to have volume only on the LOUD end of the range—Dolby Volume makes sure all sound gets outputted at… » 1/18/07 5:55pm 1/18/07 5:55pm