Giz Explains: Dolby, DTS and Home Theater Audio Codec Confusion

You actually know what some of the crazy doodles on the side of an HDTV means when it comes to video-720p, 1080i, 1080p. Congrats, you're ahead of most people, like my mother. But do you understand the alphabet soup of audio, the confounding constellation of logos on your Blu-ray player's box? While there are basically … » 7/23/08 2:00pm 7/23/08 2:00pm

Hype Sheet: Dolby Creates Some Buzz

The Pitch Everyone who's been wondering what Jerry Seinfeld's been up to—other than cashing syndication checks the size of Tonga's GDP—need wonder no more: Judging by this promo, he's voicing the protagonist in DreamWorks Animation's forthcoming Bee Movie. (And how nice of him to find work for Patrick "Puddy" Warburton,… » 8/30/07 12:15pm 8/30/07 12:15pm