Watch a $50 bill get rubbed off to reveal a $10 bill

If all the numbers say it’s a 50 dollar bill and it feels like a 50 dollar bill... it still might not be a 50 dollar bill. This counterfeit $50 is actually hiding its true self: a 10 dollar bill. And it’s doing a good job too! Since it’s likely that most people’s over trusting eyes would just see the 50 and assume… »8/18/15 11:00pm8/18/15 11:00pm


Time-lapse: How to counterfeit a (giant) dollar with pencil and ink

32-year-old self-taught Italian artist Giorgio Arcuri likes to make photorealistic drawings. He told me in an email that he loves the tiny detail work and this giant 27.56 x 11.73-inch (70 x 29.8-centimeter) reproduction of a one dollar bill is a great example of that. Watch the time-lapse of how he created it. »10/03/14 11:24pm10/03/14 11:24pm

Nintendo Says Wii Still in Short Supply This Christmas, We Call Them Out

If you read what Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata said about Wii shortages this holiday season and didn't get angry, well, you're not paying enough attention. Forbes paraphrases him as saying "demand for the device in the U.S. is unusually high in contrast to either Europe or Asia," which is why you might not be able to get… »7/24/08 12:00pm7/24/08 12:00pm

Weak, Flabby Dollar Creating Wii Fit Shortage, Could Probably Use Some Time On Wii Fit

Did you see Lam sweating it out in his Wii Fit review? Did that cause you rush out to the store, hands trembling with anticipation, in an attempt to procure one for yourself? Of course it did, but you probably came home empty-handed because the thing was basically sold out weeks before it even launched. And now we… »6/01/08 9:00pm6/01/08 9:00pm

Mysterious Million-Dollar Laptop Pictures and Video Surface

Here's a mystery this morning, pictures and a video that landed in our tip box of what is said to be a million-dollar laptop. It's quite beautiful indeed in its pink and black colors, but we're scratching our heads and wondering what makes it worth $1 million. A visit to the Luvaglio London website offers no clues;… »3/22/07 11:15am3/22/07 11:15am