How Much Food Can You Buy for 5 Bucks Around the World?

Five dollars does not always equal five dollars. Well, I mean, it does but you could definitely stretch your dollar better in another country. Take bananas, for example, $5 gets you 8.5 pounds of it in America but $5 in Ethiopia gets you a whopping 25 pounds of bananas! And more importantly: beer. In China you can… » 4/22/13 11:30pm 4/22/13 11:30pm

A Glitch Accidentally Told 300 People They Won the Lottery When They…

In what has to be one of the biggest Indian giver moves ever, Danish state run lottery company Danske Spil notified 300 people via email that they just won billions in the lottery... only they really didn't. They were only notified because of a glitch in the system, meaning for half an hour 300 people thought their… » 3/23/12 4:00pm 3/23/12 4:00pm


The dollar bill has some weird shit plastered on it. This we know. But even more weird are the outlandish interpretations people extract from the seemingly cryptic symbols (most of which are just old and Christian and zzzzzz...zzzzzzz...zzzzzz). But if you're conspiracy-minded, well, take your pick from these five… » 12/22/11 6:20pm 12/22/11 6:20pm

An Invisible Money Clip, Brought To You By a Pretty Mustachioed Lady

Bulky wallets are OUT. And actually so is cash, too, I guess? But if you do still like to carry a fold of greenbacks around with you, the All Cash Money Clip is kinda a clever way to do it. A magnet-laden sticker adheres directly to a dollar bill, effectively turning it into an invisible money clip. Makes perfect… » 4/06/11 8:40am 4/06/11 8:40am

Amazing Origami Star Trek, Star Wars Spaceships Make Good Use of Dollars

Spaceships, famous sci-fi ones from Star Trek and Star Wars, made of cunningly folded dollar bills—the Millenium Falcon takes just three dollar bills—and possessing fantastic » 10/27/08 1:45pm 10/27/08 1:45pm detail. Enough said. Well, that and the fact it seems a pretty good use for dollar notes nowadays. Check out the gallery below, and more of…

The $100 iPhone/iPod Touch Stand Made from a Piece of Paper

Click to viewOrigami fans—or just people who like money and have a lot of it lying about—might find Enrique Pardo's iPhone accessory interesting. The Swiss photographer and graphic designer folded a $100 bill in all sorts of clever ways and turned it into a stand for either jesusPhone or iPod Touch. How-to video is… » 12/10/07 10:51am 12/10/07 10:51am

Video: Cash Money Wallet to Hold Your Cash Money

While you could always show off how hot and heavy your pocket is with a money clip force-fed with Franklins, why not go one step further and make your money-carrying apparatus out of Franklins? The guy in the vid uses dollar bills, but if you're ballin', you don't have time » 5/17/07 9:15pm 5/17/07 9:15pm for singles. Or I guess to make a wallet…