My Dive Into Sensory Deprivation's Naked, Wet Quest for Enlightenment

You are butt-naked in total darkness. Sopping wet and totally alone, the space you're in is so small that you can't stand. The only sound is the thud of your heart. You are a mewling human baby in a mechanical womb. » 9/18/14 1:10pm 9/18/14 1:10pm

Dolphin Browser HD for iPad: The Best iPad Browser Not Named Safari

Even though Dolphin browser on the iPad is similar to what's already been available on Android and the iPhone, it almost makes more sense on the bigger screen. Also, I think it's my most favoritest iPad browser right now. » 9/13/11 6:26pm 9/13/11 6:26pm

Dolphin Browser for iPhone: Gesture-Based Web Browsing and More

Safari on the iPhone is as good as it gets for mobile browsing. But it's missing the deeper features, like true tabbed browsing, a full screen mode and a slew of other settings. Dolphin Browser adds all that. » 8/30/11 6:00pm 8/30/11 6:00pm

Wii Emulator Shows Off Some Super-Widescreen Viewpoints

This is what Super Smash Bros. Brawl looks like at a super-widescreen resolution, when using Dolphin, a Wii emulator on a PC. It's so wide, you can barely make it out when shrunk down to fit Gizmodo's image constraints. » 4/07/10 6:01am 4/07/10 6:01am

Flipper's Got a Backache: Ocean Breeze Wave Motion Dolphin

Ocean Breeze is an undulating segmented worm-like light that's shaped like a dolphin, is lit up with blue LEDs, and makes strange undersea noises complete with dolphin squeaks. Yes, it actually moves and flaps its tail up and down like a dolphin. Or something. » 2/21/07 11:45am 2/21/07 11:45am

Dolphin MP3 Player Keeps You, Flipper and Jessica Alba Entertained

If you're a long time reader, you'll be familiar with the fact that the Japanese really love making everything waterproof. This Dolphin MP3 player joins cellphones, keyboards, and fingerprint readers in the realm of underwater entertainment. » 2/20/07 5:00pm 2/20/07 5:00pm