Yahoo's Having a Domain Yard Sale: Who Wants Sandwich.com?

Have you been frustrated to consistently find that the highly specific domain of your dreams is never available? If so, there's a good chance that Yahoo has been sitting on it for quite some time. And it's about to be your lucky day—Yahoo is getting ready to sell you 29 of their lifeless, dated domains with even more… » 11/13/13 3:49pm 11/13/13 3:49pm

Qwikster Is a Terrible Name So Netflix Bought DVD.com

When Netflix announced last year that it was splitting its DVD rental service from its streaming service, consumer anger mostly centered around how subscribers would be getting fewer services for the same price. But part of the PR disaster was about how terrible the name Qwikster is, because, let's face it, it's… » 3/30/12 3:33pm 3/30/12 3:33pm

Buying rnicrosoft.com and Other Fake Websites Is the Internet Equivalent of Wearing a Folex

If you have a questionable sense of humor with some disposable income to your name, here's something you can do: buy wrong website domains that totally look like the real thing. Like rnicrosoft.com for microsoft.com See what I did there? It's like wearing a fake Rolex but on the Internet. » 3/27/12 1:20pm 3/27/12 1:20pm

Don't Be Dumb Like a Newspaper and Forget to Renew Your Domain Name

If you own a website, it's probably a good idea to renew your domain name right now. In fact, it's probably a good idea to renew your domain name for as long as is fiscally responsible for you. 3 years? 5 years? Whatever, go do it! We don't want your website ending up like the newspaper, The Bay Citizen, which… » 2/03/12 10:57am 2/03/12 10:57am

If You Want to See Porn Stars Protesting the .xxx Domain Names...

...I'd suggest hanging around the Westin St Francis Hotel in Union Square, San Francisco, during your lunch-break on the 17th of March. The Free Speech Coalition, which is the basically a porn trade union, is holding the rally for anyone in opposition of the proposed .xxx domain names. They believe it'll only… » 3/09/11 10:25am 3/09/11 10:25am

GoDaddy To Cease Registering Domains In China

The Washington Post is reporting that GoDaddy, the biggest domain name registrar on the planet, will soon stop registering domain names in China. Their announcement comes in the midst of Google closing their Chinese search engine, though GoDaddy says their decision is specifically a response to "new government rules… » 3/24/10 3:39pm 3/24/10 3:39pm

ICANN Opens Door For Crazy Domain Names Like Crap.Crap

ICANN has just made a decision that goes beyond allowing .xxx to be a top level domain; they're allowing all words to be top level domains. That means you're going to see domains like fuck.shit, shit.shit, shit.fuck, whatisthisshit.fuck, and so forth. What's not allowed is domains that conflict with trademarks (.pepsi… » 6/27/08 5:40pm 6/27/08 5:40pm

Man Sells Pizza.com Domain Name for Serious Dough

A 43-year-old man from Maryland has sold the domain name pizza.com for almost 10,000 times the price he paid for it. Chris Clark registered the name pizza.com in 1994 for just $20, and continued to pay the annual registration fee until January of this year, when he heard the domain name vodka.com had gone for a… » 4/05/08 1:00pm 4/05/08 1:00pm

ICANN Testing Domain Names In Chinese, Cyrillic, Arabic and Other Alphabets

ICANN, the governing body of domain names, says it will test out web addresses using Arabic, Persian, Russian, Hindi, Greek, Korean, Hebrew, Japanese, Tamil and both simplified and traditional Chinese. I guess this means that the inevitable collapse of all language into a bloated English hodgepodge is on hold. While… » 10/12/07 10:10am 10/12/07 10:10am