A Stop-Motion Etch A Sketch Made of Dominoes Is Even Harder To Draw With

To help promote its online store that sells nothing but tiny plastic bricks, Bulk Dominoes enlisted the help of the extremely patient FlippyCat to build a giant Etch A Sketch that only works through the magic of stop motion. But it's the perfect way to represent just what a pain it is to draw anything recognizable on… »3/05/15 5:52pm3/05/15 5:52pm

These Dominoes Are Stuffed With Actual Cold Hard Shredded Cash

When you're a kid, dominoes are for stacking and toppling in magnificent chains circling your bedroom floor. But when you're older, and realize that all those dots can be used to play an actual game, suddenly dominoes become yet another form of competition. And nothing says you're in it to win it like playing with a… »1/28/15 12:08pm1/28/15 12:08pm

How the Domino Effect Has Shaped History

When younger generations hear the word 'dominoes,' they usually associate it with the famous board game, while others–especially food lovers–might connect it with a delicious pizza. For those who are more politically aware, the word probably brings thoughts of the Cold War and the threat of the spread of communism. In… »12/23/13 5:15am12/23/13 5:15am

Dutch Use 4.3 Million Dominoes To Shatter All Domino-Related Records

Dominoes, always a favorite elemental for Rube Goldberg-ian device chain reactions, are unsurprisingly the name of the game at last week's Domino Day in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. That is where Robin Paul Weijers (Mr. Domino!) and his helpers (including Dutch girls suspended on harnesses above the action like Tom… »11/19/08 9:00am11/19/08 9:00am

Giant Dominoes Made of 30,000 Dominoes, Fall Like...Falling Dominoes

Click to view »9/26/08 11:45am9/26/08 11:45am"Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em, And little fleas have lesser fleas, and so " these are just 30,000 dominoes stacked up in blocks to look a bit like giant dominoes, and tipped over to create a fab tumbling dominoes-made-from-giant-dominoes video, but you get my…