Domo iPhone Case Has Charm to Spare

The Domo meme has long since hit the internet in full force, but your baby boomer coworkers will hold your $23 Domo iPhone case in the highest regard. Just one minor geek nitpick: Domo supposedly hates apples. [Etsy via LeJournalDuGeek] » 6/30/09 12:00pm 6/30/09 12:00pm

Woosim Waterproof Printer Will Give you Tickets

Woomsim's upcoming 3-inch roll paper printer won't do anything for you, except probably give you your next speed limit ticket. But we like it because of its bright orange jacket and because it reminds us of Domokun, the Cyclops Version. Look at those teeth. That thing is hungry. For your money. [Red Ferrett and Aving] » 2/19/08 10:00am 2/19/08 10:00am

Domo-Kun Mimobots USB Drives

Speaking as a guy who actually owns a Domo-kun shirt, these Domokun mimobots are pretty much the best drives ever. Mimobots are flash drives shaped like random characters you know, but this one's of our favorite Japanese stop-motion monster who also enjoys killing kittens. You know the one. [Joshspear]
» 9/19/07 1:20pm 9/19/07 1:20pm

Domokun Snow Team

Domokun, which I suspect means "Fanged Fecal Matter" in Japanese, is a very popular character. Now he can be even more exciting because they dressed his bile-filled body in snow sports uniforms. Watch him shush down the slopes in his Ski outfit or block pucks and raise a little bolus while tending the net in his… » 8/10/05 11:58am 8/10/05 11:58am