Find Out If You Made the Cutoff for Chromecast's Free Netflix Offer

If you ordered Google Chromecast—that delightful yet limited media dongle announced on Wednesday—for the three months of free Netflix it came with, you might be disappointed to find out that the cutoff for the promotion was even earlier than you thought. Especially if you bought from Amazon. » 7/26/13 4:11pm 7/26/13 4:11pm

5 Apps to Turn Your Phone into a Universal Remote

Controlling your home theater system used to be easy—you simply told your kid to turn the knob and presto, Honeymooners. But today's home theater packed with feature-rich TVs, cable boxes, AV receivers, and streaming boxes—and all demanding their own remotes—there's no way the little guy can keep up. Instead, replace… » 3/11/13 2:00pm 3/11/13 2:00pm

Splashpower Charger Lets You Charge Wirelessly, Lose That Wired Mess

We have been harping on about Splash power's wireless charging solution from way back in 2003, but they have just showed us a working unit. Here's the surprise; it really works. The idea is simple, by plugging in a dongle into the base of your gadget, you are able to drop the device into a charging bay, and as soon as… » 1/08/08 4:41pm 1/08/08 4:41pm