An 8-Bit Donnie Darko game is just as dark and good as the movie

I just love when movies are summarized into CineFix's 8-bit cinema style. It combines the nostalgia of childhood video games with the memory of movies that I should watch more often. This time, it's Donnie Darko that gets the 8-bit treatment. As you can imagine, there's a lot of confusion, conversations and rabbits. »5/28/14 12:13am5/28/14 12:13am

Donnie Darko: Don't Try Too Hard to Make Sense of It All

Donnie Darko is some kind of sci-fi psychological thrillerish movie with a twist of horror and a whole lot of weird; it's hard to squeeze it into a genre. It stars a young Jake Gyllenhaal as the social awkward, possibly mentally ill Donnie, who can somehow sorta kinda time-travel and is plagued by hallucinations of a… »8/19/12 9:00pm8/19/12 9:00pm