Acer Liquid Finally Gives Android the Snapdragon It Deserves

The day Qualcomm's crushingly fast Snapdragon platform showed up in its first phone was the very day I started desperately wanting it to run Android. It had to happen. And now, courtesy of Acer, it will. » 10/14/09 9:23am 10/14/09 9:23am

HTC Debuts Hero, With Fresh Face for Android

As expected, HTC has dropped the details on a new Android phone—the leaked-to-all-hell Hero, no less. And HTC's fantastic, also-leaked Android interface overhaul is here, too: it's called Sense, and it's deep. Oh, and it's got Flash support. » 6/24/09 6:50am 6/24/09 6:50am

Google Android 2.0 Donut Has Universal Search and Text-to-Speech Powers

Sort of odd that Android, made by Google, is behind both the iPhone and Palm Pre in rocking the universal search thing. But Google showed off that, a text-to-speech API for Google Voice Search in any app, and other Android 2.0 Donut goodness at Google I/O today. [Engadget] » 5/27/09 4:19pm 5/27/09 4:19pm