Homer Simpson Would Play For Hours on This Donut-Shaped Pool Table

Designer Cléon Daniel made a name for himself a while ago when images of his unorthodox banana-shaped pool table appeared online. And as a follow-up to that creation, he’s just finished a new table that puts another unique twist on billiards inspired by Homer Simpson’s favorite food. »10/13/15 7:30pm10/13/15 7:30pm


An Inflatable Table That Lets You Work on a Cushion of Air

Amsterdam-based Blofield is known for its collection of premium inflatable furniture that looks like it could actually pass for real couches and chairs. But the company has gone a different direction with its newest line, DoNuts. They look more like the inflatable inner tube you'd take to the beach, but are designed… »8/07/13 2:00pm8/07/13 2:00pm

Super S'Mores Made with Krispy Kreme Donuts Look Explosively S'morgasmic

Bonfires are overrated. It's cold and windy, there's sand everywhere, there's never any booze left, you smell like a burnt french outdoorsman and there's a creepy geetar player with questionable facial hair trying to steal your girlfriend. The only thing that keeps bonfires from devolving into the ninth circle of… »4/12/12 6:40pm4/12/12 6:40pm

Scientist Bakes Up Nerve-Jangling Donuts Spiked With Caffeine

We've heard of caffeinated soap, water, gum, mints, and even beer, but now molecular scientist Robert Bohannon of Durham, North Carolina has figured out how to caffeinate doughnuts and other baked goods without adding that bitter taste. Using Bohannon's technique, each donut has the caffeine equivalent of a couple of… »1/26/07 12:30pm1/26/07 12:30pm