Funny monster animations get inserted into everyday situations

Our favorite augmented reality artist, Marty Cooper, is back with more hilarious doodle fun in Aug(De)Mented Reality 2. You know the drill, he takes seemingly normal situations and inserts his adorable monsters into them. Those creatures can take eating pizza and watching cars drive by look absurd. » 11/04/14 1:30am 11/04/14 1:30am

3D Drawing Pad Makes Your Dirty Doodles Come Alive

With the 3D drawing pad, your ugly scribbles will look like high-tech masterpieces. The paper on the pad has a special background that makes black pencil marks appear 3-dimensional when seen through those classic blue-and-red specs. A pack of 50 sheets (with glasses) is only $4, an awesome deal if it really works. I… » 6/19/08 9:30pm 6/19/08 9:30pm