An Augmented Reality Made With Hand-Drawn Cartoons and an iPhone

Prolific doodler Marty Cooper carries around animation cels, a marker, and some Wite-Out as he wanders the city, creating whimsical scenes that turn mundane background imagery into charming mini-stories. And he painstakingly captures them on his iPhone to create the animated world of Aug(De)Mented Reality. » 5/24/14 6:05pm 5/24/14 6:05pm

Draft App Sends iPad Sketches (and Tomfoolery) Directly To Campfire

If you collaborate with people over the internet professionally, you're probably familiar with Campfire, an excellent, productivity-boosting group chat service by 37 Signals. Their new iPad app, Draft, lets you upload iPad sketches to your Campfire rooms instantly. Goodbye, productivity! » 6/23/10 8:40pm 6/23/10 8:40pm