Polly Want a Wireless Doorbell?

What, is this International Doorbell Week? The techno-doorbell scene continues its explosive growth and innovation, and following those two more-sophisticated MP3 doorbells we showed you earlier this week, this Chinese Recordable Parrot Wireless Doorbell approaches the realm of the absurd. This cheapshit $22 plastic… » 10/18/07 9:45am 10/18/07 9:45am

YourBell USB Doorbell Lets You Choose Your Chime

Doorbell technology is in growth mode, as evidenced by YourBell, yet another USB-connected doorbell that stores and plays MP3 and WAV files and uses your existing doorbell button. It's similar to that ReBell we showed you yesterday. This one has a 4-inch speaker for so-called "CD-quality sound," and it's made out of your … » 10/17/07 1:00pm 10/17/07 1:00pm

ReBell Lets You Customize Your Doorbell Sound

We've shown you plenty of doorbells before, but here's ReBell, the first one with a USB port that lets you load up whatever 30-second sound effect you'd like to be summoned by. Of course, if you follow the example of this video and load up Darth Vader's entrance music, you'll never get laid again, but the choice is… » 10/16/07 11:33am 10/16/07 11:33am