'Help Lock' Doorknob Protects Olds From Bathroom Peril

Sometimes, old people fall and they can't get up. It's a fact! Designer Haishan Deng has proposed a simple, timed bathroom doorknob for folks who are prone to such accidents, living alone, or clumsy. » 12/30/08 7:41am 12/30/08 7:41am

Retractable Doorknobs Provide Turtle-like Security

This design for a retractable doorknob provides extra security for your door by recessing into the doorframe when you leave the house, thereby preventing thieves from picking your lock (there are none). But if you want to get in, you use (we're assuming) the little slot below the knob to extend the knob out so you can… » 7/30/07 6:00pm 7/30/07 6:00pm

HYSO Doorknob Germ Killer

After imagining he was inside a woman's restroom—something we've all done at one time or...sorry, where were we?—Simon Sassoon devised a gadget that automatically kills germs on public doorknobs. Want to see what two years and $250,000 worth of investment money gets you? That's it on the right. » 11/06/06 5:45pm 11/06/06 5:45pm

No Shock/Aromatherapy Door Handles: Opium Scent? Huh?

At first glance, we thought these door handles made by supplier of door handles to yachts free:go were the same as the lighted door handles we've mentioned before, but no, these unusual knobs have a dual purpose: they're soft and elastic to the touch, and they also emit an allegedly pleasant aroma. » 8/10/06 12:26pm 8/10/06 12:26pm