Researchers Finally Make Automatic Doors As Smart As Star Trek's

Off-screen stage hands ensured the automatic doors on shows like Star Trek and The Next Generation always opened with impeccable timing and speed. And now Japanese robotics researchers have developed an intelligent sensor that could make the automatic doors at your local grocery store far less stupid. » 6/13/14 9:40am 6/13/14 9:40am

How These Magical, Gravity-Defying Doors Actually Work

Describing the sculptures of Austrian designer Klemens Torggler as "doors" feels like an insult. These aren't doors—they're magical pieces of engineering, half kinetic sculpture and half magic trick, that you happen to walk through. So, how do they work? » 2/10/14 3:32pm 2/10/14 3:32pm

Zeta Primes - Doors

The Riemann Hypothesis, which deals with the distribution of prime numbers, was first put forth by mathematician Bernhard Reimann in 1859. It has yet to be fully proven and remains one of the most important unproven theories in mathematics. It's so important that the Cray Mathematics Institute is even offering a $1… » 6/17/13 7:00pm 6/17/13 7:00pm

Every House Should Have a Secret Hidden Exterior Door

There's something about secret doors that makes my spine tingle. The excitement! The mystery! But most secret doors are on the inside of a house—pull that book to reveal a hidden chamber! push that wall through!—this one, amazingly, is on the outside. It's so good you don't even see it. » 1/25/13 8:00pm 1/25/13 8:00pm

Hate Keys? You'll Never Have to Lock This Invisible Secret Door

If you're prone to losing your keys and finding yourself locked out of the house when you get home, you'll want to pay attention to this brilliant home mod by YouTuber oggfaba. Using hardware and lumber you can easily find at any home improvement megalopolis, they created a near invisible secret door that perfectly… » 1/24/13 1:40pm 1/24/13 1:40pm

Weird Revolving Doors Like These Could Save Your Life Someday

Doors are some seriously ancient tech but they have this problem where they can only keep people out if they're closed. This bizarre but clever take on the "revolving door" by a company called Barbecan, on the other hand, aims to get you inside, but simultaenously keep any ne'er-do-wells out. Specifically… » 1/05/13 5:03pm 1/05/13 5:03pm

How New York Will Stop the Subway From Flooding in the Next Huge Storm

New York knew for a long time that a big storm could flood and collapse the subway system, which is exactly what happened with Sandy. Yet city officials did nothing about it. But now, after all the suffering, we'll finally be prepared. » 11/29/12 12:18pm 11/29/12 12:18pm

Don't You Dare Open This Animatronic Axe Murderer Door...

Sure, the axe murderer presented in this door prop is about as lazy as they come, but you have to admit the overall attention to detail is pretty intense. » 10/02/11 11:00am 10/02/11 11:00am

What Do You Get When You Cross a Clown Horn With a Doorknob?

You get this odd looking piece, created by the Netherlands-based Dieter Volkers. It will ensure that nobody visiting your home/room takes you very seriously. [Dieter Volkers via Core77 via FastCo] » 2/25/11 8:00pm 2/25/11 8:00pm

This Door Knob Lets You See What's in the Room Behind It

You probably don't spend much time thinking about door knobs, or how they could be improved. Maybe you should! This glass globe lets you catch a glimpse of what's going on in the room you're about to enter. » 11/24/10 3:20pm 11/24/10 3:20pm

Imperfect Ping Pong Door Allows for Therapeutic Post-Game Slams

Those deep, curving shots from far outside the table would be impossible with this ping pong door, but that's OK. When I lose, which happens frequently, I can literally slam the door in my opponent's face. Imperfection. [Fubiz via Ffffound] » 3/28/10 10:00pm 3/28/10 10:00pm

I Don't Want to Come In, I Just Want to Ring This Doorbell

*Ring* *Ring* *Ring* *Ring* "What?!" "Oh sorry, I can't stop pushing your Spore doorbell." *Ring* "I'm calling the cops." *Ring* » 11/11/09 11:20pm 11/11/09 11:20pm

ThreeStyle Door is Three...Three Doors In One

If your household is statureally diverse, this 3-in-1 door from Slam Doors may be of interest. It features separate doors for kids and humiliatingly short adults. » 3/09/09 2:00pm 3/09/09 2:00pm

Revolving Door Uses You to Make Energy

It's an alarmingly simple concept that claims to be the world's first application: Netherlands-based company Natuurcafé La Port installed a power generator into a revolving door. Fantastic, but it took us this long? » 12/10/08 6:30pm 12/10/08 6:30pm

At the End of the Day, $15,000 Carbon Fiber Biometric Door Is Still…

Carbon fiber is pretty, and it's a cool technique to implement with car design... but what about doors? Who cares, you say? I agree, but it still didn't stop this door from becoming a reality. » 12/07/08 3:30pm 12/07/08 3:30pm

Disappearing Car Door Revolutionizes Paparazzi Upskirt Photos

The parking spaces at my apartment are so narrow that I have to suck in my gut and shimmy like a burglar on a ledge whenever I get out of my car. If I had this disappearing car door, however, that would be totally unnecessary. We don't want to spoil the video by describing it here, but suffice it to say that if this… » 12/13/07 5:50pm 12/13/07 5:50pm

Electric Door Opener

We can see how an electric door opener is useful for small children, the elderly, and the infirmed, but if you're using this because you can't manage to get off your ass for 30 seconds to open the door for the UPS guy, you should just go smack your mother right now for not raising the lazy out of you. » 6/05/06 8:13pm 6/05/06 8:13pm

Gizmodo Japan: Auto door

Cleanliness, efficiency, compactness, cool-factor... for a variety of reasons, automatic doors have become a standard feature of Japanese shops. While the typical sliding star-trek style design has proven itself, the tanaka auto door aims to improve upon a good concept. This new design entails strips equipped with… » 8/13/05 4:36am 8/13/05 4:36am