Doraemon Voice Activated Air Pistol Remote: Finger Bang Indeed

If you love Doraemon, you will really love this voice activated remote control...controller. Just sync the air pistol up to your remotes and then put the gun on your finger. Every time you say "bang" you can turn on the tv, control the DVD player and more. When not in use, the finger gun rests comfortably on Doraemon's… » 1/02/08 8:10pm 1/02/08 8:10pm

Garfield Webcam, Cuter than Doraemon

Hey fellow Gizmodo writer, Jason Chen. I'm calling you and your bitchass Doraemon webcam out. Enter the Garfield webcam. This authentic, American (kind of) webcam features that friendly, lasagna-loving cat ready to film your most naughty antics in a crappy 640x480 resolution. It is available for $32 from Brando. I am… » 8/21/06 11:30am 8/21/06 11:30am