Light and Magnifying Hat Lets You See Your Lack of Friends Up Close

Do you need to see things up close? Do you need to do so in the dark? Do you also have no shame? Well, my friend, you're exactly who this Light and Magnifying Hat was designed for. You'll be able to paint your Star Wars replica models when the power goes out while maintaining your complete lack of fashion sense, all… » 6/21/07 10:19am 6/21/07 10:19am

'HoverBike' Makes Segway Look Cool in Comparison

Face it, people: scooter-like vehicles that move one upright person around at a speed just above walking will never catch on. The Segway is a joke, and taking the wheels away and putting in hovercraft technology isn't going to make this catch on.

In fact, didn't Hammacher Schlemmer start selling basically the same… » 1/02/07 4:25pm 1/02/07 4:25pm