Pirate Bay Under Attack, DDoS Style

I just noticed that tons of commenters on our latest Pirate Bay trial update were saying that the site was down, and sure enough, others are reporting that the Bay is indeed under attack. Reuven at Sys-Con.tv is saying it's an orchestrated DDoS assault, and that the culprit may have hijacked a botnet to make it happen. … » 3/02/09 8:03pm 3/02/09 8:03pm

Dosugus Cushion From Art. Lebedev: Look Closely (Optimus.jpg?)

As a cushion, the DOS-inspired Dosugus from Art. Lebedev is definitely something I can see resting my geeky head on. But the most interesting thing about it is what is actually listed in the directories. Optimus.jpg, Trojan.exe, and "pron" to name a few. Is it just a joke or are they trying to say something here? You… » 12/18/07 8:00pm 12/18/07 8:00pm