How States Use Inflated DOT Forecasts to Rationalize More Highways

Americans are simply not driving as much as they used to; most experts agree we hit “peak car.” But that’s not the story according to the Department of Transportation’s forecasts, which year after year show skyrocketing demand for more roads—and year after year are proven wrong. Still, states use this data to fund… »6/09/15 8:00pm6/09/15 8:00pm

Lightest Full-Face Helmet Ever Brings Motorcycle Safety To Bicycles

With mountain bike racers now reaching motorcycle speeds, the full-face protection of a DOT-certified, full-face helmet is needed. But, street-legal motorcycle helmets have always been too big and too heavy. Enter this new Kali Protectives Shiva, the smallest and lightest helmet of its kind ever made. »4/07/15 4:17pm4/07/15 4:17pm

A Billion Details and No Precedent—An Inside Look at the TSA's Scrambling Start

Building the TSA from scratch in the months following 9/11 seemed an insurmountable task, unrivaled in both scope and size. In Permanent Emergency, former TSA administrator Kip Hawley vividly reconstructs the breakneck pace at which this gargantuan security agency came about and how it came to be an institutional… »4/27/12 11:00pm4/27/12 11:00pm

Packard Bell 'Dot' Netbook, Because Now It's Just Getting Funny/Sad

It's official: Now that Packard Bell has unveiled the Dot, every computer manufacturer in the known Universe has produced the same 8.9", 1.6GHz Atom, 1GB RAM, XP-running system. So what's next for technology? Similar to how mothers' clubs have sponsored bake sales and knitting circles for decades, look for netbooks to… »9/23/08 6:00pm9/23/08 6:00pm

DOT Says Fuel Cells Can Fly; FAA Still Afraid They Might Fry

The US DOT has approved transportation of methanol fuel cell cartridges in your baggage and carry-on luggage, according to one fuel-cell maker. If you're lucky enough to own a fuel-cell system, you'll definitely be able to fly with it come October, when the ruling goes into effect. But this ruling only allows you to… »5/01/08 9:23am5/01/08 9:23am