DoubleTwist's Amazon MP3 Store: One Less Reason to Bother With iTunes

It's impossible not to love the concept of doubleTwist, the all-devices-welcome quasi-iTunes music manager, but up to this point the software has been pretty barebones. Now, things are gettin' ser-i-ous: doubleTwist has a built-in music store, courtesy of Amazon. » 10/07/09 10:30am 10/07/09 10:30am

How To Get Music Onto Your Palm Pre (Now That iTunes Hates You)

If you're one of those unfortunate Pre users that updated to iTunes 8.2.1 without seeing our warning, there are two options. You could either downgrade to iTunes 8.2, or use one of these alternative apps and future-proof yourself. » 7/15/09 9:48pm 7/15/09 9:48pm

DoubleTwist Media Manager Now Available for Download on Windows

DoubleTwist, the file-sharing, media-organizing, device-syncing software project from DVD Jon was previously only available for Mac. Now they've opened the beta up to Windows users, which I'm sure will bring in a lot more downloads. » 4/07/09 6:40pm 4/07/09 6:40pm