How to Tell if You (Or Someone You Know) Are a Twitter Assclown

You know Klout. It gathers your social media data to measure your influence. But Klout is dumb. Klout makes people think I am a good mom. But what if you could mine social data to tell you how insufferable any given person is on Twitter? That sounds a good deal more fun. » 4/27/12 1:20pm 4/27/12 1:20pm

AT&T Kills iPhone Plans For Deaf Thanks To Non-Deaf Douchebags

We wouldn't usually call people douchebags lightly (ok we would), but when you complain that deaf people are getting special treatment when they're offered a $27.99 non-voice, data-only plan for their iPhone, you're one huge douchebag. A Colorado AT&T store was offering said plan for the hearing-impaired—since they get… » 11/30/07 12:13pm 11/30/07 12:13pm