Just How Much Better Is Amazon's Kindle Voyage Screen?

Amazon's $200 Kindle Voyage e-reader is as good as it gets. We already told you that. But just how good is that new glass screen compared to the Paperwhite's plastic panel? You may (or may not!) be surprised at the difference. » 10/21/14 1:42pm 10/21/14 1:42pm

Windows 8 Is Retina Display Ready

At today's keynote, Microsoft's presenters hinted at Windows 8 being ready for Retina Display-class monitors. Manufacturers are just starting to edge the Retina Display out, but the standard has yet to be scaled up to desktops and laptops. Needless to say, that's a shit-ton of pixels. » 9/13/11 6:16pm 9/13/11 6:16pm

Samsung's 2560x1600 Screen Is the First Retina Display for Tablets

The debate about when a "retina display" for tablets will exist is over: Samsung's new 10.1-inch, 2560x1600 display is it. With a crazy pixel density of 300dpi, it rivals what Apple considers a retina display for a phone. But it's for tablets. » 5/13/11 12:40am 5/13/11 12:40am

Is This Why the 13-Inch MacBook Pro Display Didn't Improve?

With last month's MacBook Pro refresh, one question that lingered was why the 13-inch MacBook Pro was still stuck with the same mediocre screen resolution. From Quora, a possible solution! One similar to why the iPad 2 didn't get a resolution bump: Apple's holding out for retina displays to make things easier on… » 3/07/11 5:10pm 3/07/11 5:10pm